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"Thank you so very much for helping me make our first mini reunion (me being coordinator) a great success!! I was able to plan from A-Z exactly what I needed and wanted to incorporate in it. I never had to visit another site for information and the best part about it is, it's loaded with TONS of ideas and it's all FREE!!"
- Nancy

Welcome to Mister Spiffy's Reunion Planner. Mister Spiffy is a family reunion doctor trained in healing sick reunions. Just pick a topic below, or check out his many other reunion resources. And thanks for helping us make the web's most popular family reunion planning website. Make sure to bookmark this site, link to us, and tell a friend.

Mister Spiffy's Reunion Planner

Mister Spiffy Gets Organized - Create an effective family reunion committee. Keep in mind that if the committee isn't organized, the reunion won’t be either (a Mister Spiffy rule of thumb).

Mister Spiffy Selects a Reunion Type - Hmmm... How big and how expensive? Mister Spiffy says these may be the hardest decisions you have to make for your family reunion.

Mister Spiffy Chooses a Date - You can't have a family reunion without a date. Not that kind of date... the kind on the calendar. What time of year is best? And how long do you want to spend with all those relatives?

Mister Spiffy Picks His Lucky Guests - What's a family reunion without family? Let Mister Spiffy help you track down the distantly related folk or family members who recently moved.

Mister Spiffy Finds a Location - Location, location, location. Let Mister Spiffy help you choose that all-important aspect of reunion success.

Mister Spiffy Counts His Pennies - Now, how exactly are you going to pay for this shindig? Hmm. Unless you are one of those millionaire philanthropists (of which Mister Spiffy knows very few), you might need some starter ideas on how to raise money to finance the family fun.

Mister Spiffy Shares Some Ideas - Pick Mister Spiffy's brain for some ideas to make your family reunion more fun. Some are quick and easy, others are just the opposite.

Mister Spiffy Keeps People Busy - Most family reunion activities will need pre-planning to get them up and running. Work to bring family members closer together. Don’t just make them something to fill up all the extra time that you didn’t plan for.

Mister Spiffy Picks a Reunion Theme - Themes not only make the reunion more fun, they can also trigger ideas for activities, food, invitations, and more. Plus they can act as an icebreaker for family members who don't know each other.

Mister Spiffy Spreads the Word - Time to tell everyone about this reunion that you’ve spent so much effort on. But remember how family members are – keep reminding them over and over. Even Mister Spiffy needs to be reminded of some things.

Mister Spiffy Feeds the Masses - Mmm…food. The best part of family reunions. This could quite possibly be the only activity that the entire family is a part of, so get it right. Mister Spiffy has some interesting ideas on the subject.

Mister Spiffy Enjoys Himself - Oh boy, time for the fun part. This is where all those long, miserable hours of sweat, dirt, blood and tears pay off. Above all, join in and have fun yourself. You deserve it.

Mister Spiffy Wraps Things Up - Well it was a success – hopefully. Go flop on the sofa, take a few deep breaths, and then come back and read the rest of this. Mister Spiffy has some things to make next year’s family reunion even better!

Reunion Resources

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