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Q: If I enter information into the demo, will I have to re-enter it into the full version?
A: No.  Just uninstall the demo, then install the full version and it will use the info you entered into the demo.

Q: I have entered families into my address book, but when I try to enter information into the "Create a Reunion Committee" list, I get a message saying "There is nobody entered in the address book for you to select from.  Please enter the person you want in the address book first."
A: When you add a family to the address book, it adds the family, but you still need to add the individual family members.  When you add or edit a family in the address book you will see a list of the family members on the right side of the dialog.  You need to use the "Add a person to this family" button to add the people to the family.

Q: I just loaded Family Reunion Organizer and added all family members. When I went to the next step to select committee members, the only people available were children.  I need to select the adults and they are not appearing on the list.  They are not available to "Assign Duties" either.
A: When adding family members, make sure you enter the parents as well as the children.  When you first enter the parent's names, it is only used for addressing (labels, etc).  You still need to add the parents to the family so you can track their birthdays, etc.

Q: We purchased a full copy of Family Reunion Organizer, but when we try certain functions it says "the demo does not contain that option".
A: If you get this message you will need to uninstall the demo before installing the full program from the CD.  This message means that the install program wouldn't install the full program over the top of the demo version.