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It's never been easier to plan your family reunion.  Just click on an item in Family Reunion Organizer's check list, then fill in the blanks.  When you finish a task, just check it off as completed.
Mainscr.gif (19524 bytes)arrow.gif (905 bytes)A complete step by step check list guides you through the entire planning process.   Just click on a task and fill in the blanks.

addrbook.gif (17317 bytes)arrow.gif (905 bytes)The Family Address Book lets you track family addresses and details about each family member.


  • Easy to use check list makes reunion planning easy.
  • Family address book organizes family and individual information.  You can even import information from a GEDCOM file.  Go online to find family members.
  • Enter basic reunion information, like contact address, reunion name and logo, reunion dates and theme.
  • Reunion location, including address, directions, reservation information, and lodging available.
  • Budget and expense tracking help keep you from over spending.
  • Create a schedule including meals and activities
  • Dozens of printouts which can be printed directly or sent to your word processor.
  • Create a family reunion website to tell your family about the upcoming event.
  • Announce your reunion in the registry.
  • Built-in spell checker ensures that your correspondence is letter perfect.
  • Includes ideas for themes, games, and activities.
  • Create a shopping list of items for your reunion.
  • Handle unlimited reunions with ease.
  • Track assignments to make sure nobody drops the ball.
  • Detailed help available at the press of a key.
  • And much more!


  • Invitations
  • Name tags
  • Mailing labels
  • Address list
  • Phone list
  • Schedule
  • Assignment list
  • Budget
  • Expense log
  • Reminders
  • Award certificates
  • Sign-in form
  • Shopping list
  • Committee list
  • Evaluation form
  • Survey
  • Thank you notes
  • Tri-fold addressing