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arrow.gif (905 bytes)"If you are going to be planning a family reunion this year, you can't afford not to have this program." - Rhonda McClure, Family Tree Finders (full article)

arrow.gif (905 bytes)"FormalSoft, Inc. recently announced a new program, called "Family Reunion Organizer" for Windows. I had a chance to use the program for a bit this week and must say that I fell in love with it." - Dick Eastman, author of "YOUR ROOTS: Total Genealogy Planning On Your Computer" published by Ziff-Davis Press (full article)

arrow.gif (905 bytes)On the software front, a company called FormalSoft has produced a great new software package on CD-ROM called “Family Reunion Organizer.” It provides all the tools you need at your fingertips to pull off a successful reunion... - George Morgan, Along Those Lines (full article)

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