35th Smith Family Reunion

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Our Family

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Reunion Dates and Location

July 4-5, 2000

The Big Reunion Resort
9876 Main Street
Anytown, NY 10019

To get to The Big Reunion Resort, get off the highway and head north on Main Street. You will pass a gas station on the right, and then a big park on the left. Go another mile and you will find the resort on the left side of the road.


Here are a couple of places you can stay if you are attending the reunion from out of town.

Holiday Inn
432 Main Street
Anytown, NY 10019

567 Main Street
Anytown, NY 10019


DateTime Activity
Jul 4, 2000 3:00 pm Check in
Jul 4, 2000 6:30 pmWelcoming Dinner
Jul 5, 20008:00 amContinental Breakfast
Jul 5, 2000 10:00 am Swimming
Jul 5, 2000 12:30 pmBarbeque Lunch
Jul 5, 20008:00 pmDinner Dance in the rec hall

Contact Information


Postal mail:
35th Smith Family Reunion
1234 Main Street
Anytown, NY 10019


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