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Wrapping up the reunionWrap up – v. To complete or conclude, as a business deal, project or any undertaking.

Mister Spiffy Says: "Whew! That’s like pulling a dog’s tail and then finding out that it’s got rabies. You think it’s not that bad, then it gets a whole lot worse. I’m just glad it’s over. Let’s do it again next year!"

Well, your reunion is winding to a close.   Mister Spiffy says to wave the last guest out the door, then flop down on your bed and fall fast asleep.  That’s it…keep sleeping.  Once you wake up, here’s some things you can do to make your next reunion even better.  While you can do any of these things after the reunion is over, some of them would work a little better if you do them near the end of the reunion (shortly before your family members head for home).

Evaluation Form
Ask each family (or even each family member, as Mister Spiffy prefers) to fill out an evaluation form to let the reunion committee know what they liked and didn’t like about the reunion.  Use this information to plan next year’s reunion (or whenever the next one is going to be).  Perhaps there were too few or too many activities.  Maybe people wanted more time to sit on their duffs and visit.  Whatever the results, this is Mister Spiffy’s patented BEST WAY to make sure next year’s reunion is a success.  Don't know what to ask?  Here is a sample evaluation form (just click, then click the Print button on your browser, then click the Back button to return to this page).

Update Family Information
Collect updated information from each family.  This can include addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and birthdays.  This information is useful not only for contacting the family next year, but can also be used to help create a family directory that you can send to everyone.

Thank the Volunteers
Send out thank you notes to everyone who helped out with the reunion.  Perhaps include a plate of your homemade cookies – that’s always Mister Spiffy’s favorite thank you gesture.  This will make the volunteers feel appreciated, and will make them more willing to help out in the future.  Sort of like bribery, except you pay it after they do what you want.

Mister Spiffy’s Helpful Hints – Don’t get yourself in over your head. If you can’t handle a reunion every year, then for heaven’s sake, don’t do it! It’s not that hard to catch on to, but some people feel obligated to do something drastic like that.